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Rewards Programs

Pinnacle can help design, implement and manage rewards programs of any size or scale in order to improve customer loyalty and increase sales volume.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Our customer loyalty programs can be taylor made to the needs of our clients. These programs are designed to increase sales, while providing customers with value based incentives.

Dealer Incentive Programs

Our dealer incentive programs are designed to increase overall sales volume and create value based incentives, enticing dealers to choose your products over those of the competition.

Employee Incentives

Employee incentive programs, also known as SPIFFS (Special Performance Incentives for Field Force), can be implemented to help improve morale and generate increased sales across local, regional or national sales teams.

Mulit Level Rewards Programs

Our rewards and incentive programs can be applied throughout various stages in your distribution network, providing mulit level reward incentives that help drive sales and increase brand loyalty.

Multiple Source Support

Pinnacle can help eliminate the excessive time and costs that can be incurred when partnering with multiple suppliers and inventory sources by providing a signle source for marketing communications services. Multi channel marketing campaigns help communicate a single marketing message across your entire channel of distribution.

Turn Key Systems

Pinnacle offers various turn key rewards programs that have been developed to meet a variety of business models and can be implemented throughout numerous channels of distribution, with little or no work from the client.
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