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Rebate Processing

The creation and administration of rebate processing programs is one of Pinnacle's chief areas of expertise.

We're extremely flexible in the type and content of the program; we handle a wide variety of consumer and dealer rebate programs, warranty registration, and sales represenative and consumer customer service.

Our rebate processing emphasizes speed, accuracy, and communication.

Traditional Rebate Programs

Pinnacle implements Mail-In rebate programs designed to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Our processing procedures ensure the highest levels of fraud protection, while our customer service representatives ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Internet Based Programs

The Internet offers endless opportunity to reach new customers and increase sales volume. Our Internet based programs allow customers to submit a rebate request, inquire rebate status and communicate with our customer service representatives via the internet. Internet based programs can be combined with traditional programs to reach the maximum number of consumers and maximize program effectiveness.

Customized Card Programs

Customized gift cards can be offered instead of traditional rebate checks to provide increased security and value to the rebate offer. Cards are customized with client logo in order to promote the client's brand and increase customer brand loyalty.

Fraud Protection

Our rebate processing procedures ensure total fraud protection through complex verification services. These procedures eliminate the possibilty for payment of fraudulent claims or payment to customers trying to "double-dip" on the rebate offer.

Bounce Back Campaigns

Bounce back campaigns are designed to turn new customers into repeat customers and entice customers buy from your entire product line. Additional promotions can be offered to customers participating in traditional rebate programs and help generate increased sales volume.

OCR & Bar Coding Technology

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Bar Coding technology can be used to decrease the overall cost and improve the operational efficiency of any rebate promotion.

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