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At Pinnacle, we focus on doing it quickly and most importantly... doing it right! As a representative of your company, we focus on prompt, courteous service making it clear to your customers that we are here to help them. Our state-of-the-art web based systems also make it easier for your customers to communicate with your sales/marketing team.

Immediate Response

At Pinnacle, customer inquiries are always processed the same day they are received within 24 hours; usually much sooner. Prompt service is a critical component in building customer loyalty.

Customer Profiling & Information Gathering

Pinnacle can help you to understand your customers better. Direct mail pieces can be designed to request specific information. You can obtain valuable marketing information and develop a profile of each respondent.

Our unique ability to simultaneously process fulfillment requests with customer information enables us to offer this service at a very cost effective price.

Numerous reporting options exist with elaborate cross tabulation capabilities. Stand-alone survey processing is also available.

Customized Reporting

Although we offer a broad array of informative reports, Pinnacle caters to the precise reporting requirements of our customers. If you are not satisfied with the content or layout of a report, we'll change it for you.

Quality Control

Sophisticated data validation techniques, controllable by your parameters, improve the accuracy of data captures. Frequent interfaces with client databases and regularly scheduled database maintenance minimize shipping expense and ensure timely communication. Multi-level supervisory overview is available for high-end programs.

Customized Correspondence

Pinnacle's software will never restrict the content or format of your communication. Our communication module can access all of the data stored in your fulfillment and information databases. We also offer the capability to merge our system data with any additional data which you may provide.

Versatile Data Exchange

Pinnacle can accept your data in any format: hard copy, CD, disk, tape, and in a variety of electronic formats.

Pinnacle can also move your business and information to the web, further freeing up valuable resources.
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