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Mailing Programs

Mailing programs to your business partners is an easy and effective technique for supporting your joint marketing goals. Pinnacle can handle everything, from assembly to packaging and mailing.

Mail is a critical but complex part of the marketing puzzle. Let us handle it for you.

Mailing programs tie in closely with rebate programs, dealer incentives, and other marketing strategies. We can customize your communication to your customers to get the most out of your transactions.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a core service we offer. We can do graphic and structural design of direct mail pieces, as well as assembly and mailing. We can even track the response and replenish your partner's supplies on demand.

Custom Design and Printing

Pinnacle offers custom design and printing solutions aimed to maximize the effectiveness and minimize the cost of any direct mail campaign, large or small.

Customer Appreciation

Pinnacle's customer appreciation services can help you gather customer information and target customers with individualized mailings which offer additional savings on the customer's birthday, anniversary, or other important date, facilitating the effective management of relationships between your company and your customers.

Follow Up Mailings

Our marketing suport staff can help design and implement follow up mailing campaigns to notify current customers of new promotions and product launches.
Response Tracking and Analysis

Our direct mail solutions can integrate comprehensive tracking and analysis tools within the product package, helping you to determin which mailings and promotions are a succes and which are ineffective.

Special Offers and Events

Direct mail campaigns are the perfect tool for notifying your distributors, dealers, retailers and customers of special offers and sales events.

Targeted Mail Campaigns

Pinnacle's marketing support staff can help implement direct mail campaigns that are designed to maximize program effectiveness and reduce costs by targeting the maximum number of potential customers.
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