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Incentive Programs

A natural part of our fulfillment processing is managing dealer incentive programs.
In today's fast-paced world, complex business relationships need robust and effective management. This is where we come in. With our honest communication and skilled personnel, we can take the hassle out of partnering with your dealers and distributors.

CoOp Administration

No business exists in a vacuum. Your partners rely on you, and you benefit from their support. CoOp advertising and other CoOp programs need careful management to sustain your business relationships.

A co-op marketing partnership with the distributors, dealers and retailers who sell your products can help drive sales and promote increased brand recognition.

Instant Rebate Programs

Instant rebate programs, also known as point-of-sale promotions, allow a rebate to be redeemed at the time of purchase. Instant rebate programs help distributors, dealers and retailers offer additional savings to customers, making it easier to sell the product without impacting its overall market value.

Dealer Locator Services

Our Internet Support Staff can help create your internet based dealer locator to help consumers find dealers who sell or service your products.

Free Merchandise Programs

Pinnacle can help design and implement free merchandise programs that increase customer loyalty and provide a value based incentive platform to help increase sales.

Incentive Programs

Pinnacle specializes in the design and management of dealer incentive programs that can be implemented at any point in your distribution channel, driving sales and increasing brand loyalty.

Sales Lead & Referral Follow Up

Our Sales Lead and Referral Follow-Up services can help manage sales leads and referrals gathered from trade shows, calling lists, email campaigns, websites and other sources, helping to get the information into the hands of the correct sales people.

SKU Level Reporting

Our rewards programs provide the framework for the compilation and reporting of detailed SKU level data, helping to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and help correct performance issues before they become performance problems.
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